Katie Delaney: Candidate for Brevard County Commission

Meet Katie Delaney, your (well, somebody's) Republican Candidate for Brevard County Commission, District 1.

Best known for stomping out of the meeting where her own party wouldn't elect her as local vice-chair, and for filing insane lawsuits against the Brevard County School Board, Katie is now looking to expand her range of public embarrassments.

Katie Delaney

"Overreach" Means Whatever Katie Wants It To Mean When it might help make housing affordable for others? Gotta fight back against that "overreach". When statutes (and common sense) aren't enough to remove a book from the shelves, is there some governmental person that could reach even further, and remove the book just... because? (Katie herself had just voted, along with the rest, to keep the book -- whether she was confused, or just doesn't want to be left out, who can say?)

Katie Didn't Technically Accuse Anyone of Anything She just ran through a List of things that never happened, saying that "our side" never does those things. Not her fault if people walked away believing tht (a) they happened and (b) the "other side" definitely did them. Then she declared ownership of the school board. This is the kind of level-headed, people-over-politics our County Commission needs.

Katie Speaking to the County Commission The one she's running to join. Looks like that will go really well.

Imagine being proud to stand next to the Mike Lindells of the world.

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Katie Is Baffled by the Concept of Grants Maybe not a great quality if you want budgetary oversight.

Katie Is All For Zero-Tolerance (and can't believe that the NAACP might want us to think it through a bit)

Katie on Special Needs Students (spoiler: not extroardinarily concerned)